GT – 2734 – Remote I/O

Digital Output, 4 Points, MOS Relay (Solid State Relay), 24V (AC/ DC), 2.0A, 10 RTB

Main features

– Various type of protocols (MODBUS TCP , EtherNet IP , PROFINET , EtherCAT , CC-Link IE , CC-Link IE Field Basic , DeviceNet , PROFIBUS , MODBUS RS485, CC-Link , CanOpen , BACnet ,MODBUS RTU)

– More than 90 different I/Os (Universal type of Digital Input module, 32 points slice I/O module, ERNI type connector input/output module)

– Space-saving, compact size & slice type for the module expansion

– Easy and convenient working environment for the operator when wiring and install



User Manual

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GT-2734 output Specification
Output per module 4 Points, Bi -directional
Indicators (Logic side) 4 Green out put state
Relay Type MOS Relay (Solid State Relay)
Output Voltage Range
( Load Dependent )
Max. 240Vac @ 0.5A resistive
Max. 240Vdc @ 0.5A resistive
Output Delay Time (resistive load) Max. AC/DC : 240V
OFF to ON : Max. 0.6ms
ON to OFF : Max. 3ms
Output Current Rating Max. 0.5A per channel
Frequency range ( Vac ) 47 ~ 63Hz
Common Type 4Points / 2COM (Single Common)
General Specification
Power Dissipation 80mA @ 5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Logic : Isolation
Field Power : Non-isolation
Field Power(By Pass) Field Power passes through to the next module.
Supply Voltage : 24Vdc
Voltage Range : 15 ~ 32Vdc
(AC Power Not Used)
Wiring I /O Cable Max. 2.0mm2(AWG 14)
Weight 58g
Module Size 12mm x 99mm x 70mm
Pin No. Description
0 Output Channel 0_A
1 Output Channel 0_A
2 Output Channel 1_B
3 Output Channel 1_B
4 Output Channel 2_C
5 Output Channel 2_C
6 Output Channel 3_D
7 Output Channel 3_D
8 Common (Field Power 24V)
9 Common (Field Power 0V)