FIMP-XLE – Splice Box

FIMP-XLE splice boxes are ideal for industrial environments due to their compact and robust design. The splice box is available in various configurations, up to full configuration, which can be delivered with splice holders, splice cassettes, couplings, pigtails, and cable glands. ST, SC, LC, and E2000 are available as coupling variants. The FIMP-XLE can be equipped with up to four splice holders. This makes it possible to connect up to 48 fibers.

The sturdy metal housing is made of stainless steel (powder-coated), has two clips for 35 mm DIN rail mounting, and measures only 139 x 137 x 134 mm
(width x height x depth).

FIMP-XLE is available for plastic fibers (POF/HCS), multimode and single-mode.

Colour Options
Specify which unite colour you want in the notes