FIMP-S – Splice Box

With 120mm x 32mm x 120mm, our industrial splice box FIMP-S is by far smaller than comparable 19‘‘solutions. Its inner values are really convincing as well so the installation is quite simple and done very fast. FIMP is ready for splicing and contains a splice tray, couplings, pigtails, and cable glands. Regarding different couplings, you can choose from SMA, ST, SC, LC, FC-PC, SC-RJ, and E-2000. The front panel and the splice cassette can be removed for splicing and since the cassette is magnetizable, it can easily be fixed onto a splice unit. The cassette has got a hole for splice units with a bolt.

Colour Options
Specify which unite colour you want in the notes


The powder-coated stainless steel housing is also magnetizable so that the splice box can easily be affixed to another housing or to a switch cabinet in case of no different tray. Furthermore, FIMP has got a clip for DIN rail mounting (35mm) and an optional kit for wall fastening. Thus, there are space-saving and flexible solutions for mounting our FIMP.