FIMP-XL Hybrid combines two different worlds: Glass fiber and copper cables. It provides a high level of flexibility for your application since it has optical connectors for up to 12 fibers and 6 RJ45 connectors for network cables.

FIMP-XL Hybrid is ready for splicing and it already contains a splice tray, couplings, pigtails, and cable gland. Regarding different couplings, you can choose from SMA, ST, SC, LC, FC-PC, SC-RJ, E-2000, and E-2000 COMPACT. The front panel and the splice cassette can be removed for splicing and since the cassette is magnetizable, it can easily be fixed onto a splice unit. The cassette has got a hole for splice units with a bolt.

Colour Options
Specify which unite colour you want in the notes


The powder-coated stainless steel housing is also magnetizable so that the splice box can easily be affixed to another housing or to a switch cabinet in case of no different tray. Furthermore, FIMP-XL Hybrid has got a clip for DIN rail mounting (35mm) and a kit for wall fastening. Thus, there are space-saving and flexible solutions for mounting our FIMP-XL Hybrid.

Additionally, fiber optic cables with MPO can be adapted by using FIMPO. And the optional cap protects your fiber and connectors.

The systems are built up modular. Customizing is possible by different assemblies, colors of the housing, or logos.