DL LWV – Interface

The fiber optic system DL LWV works as an amplifier and media converter for several fiber-optic transmission networks.

Less optical power requires amplification. Different fiber types within one application need conversion. The system DL LWV offers various possibilities, corresponding to these requirements.

The system contains fiber optic receiver and transmitter components. The incoming signal is electrically processed and then coupled back into the fiber optic cable via the transmitter. With the aid of this intermediate amplifier, the line length is unlimited using various fiber types for instance: POF, HCS, multimode, or single-mode fiber optic cable.

LEDs and potential-free contacts (optional) of a fault detector relay are able to signal defective states.

Please note that the adjoining chart just covers a small selection of our product range. In general, any combination of fiber type, wavelength, and bandwidth is available. The columns are marked with F1 up to F16 for the types of fiber.

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