R1520-4L – Global

The R1520 Global router is Robustel’s latest addition to the popular R1520 series. The R1520 router from Robustel is a versatile 4G router with 5 x Ethernet ports, GPS and E-mark certification for in-vehicle use. It is also ideal for Smart Cities and Retail applications.

R5020 Lite Datasheet

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R1520 Global

The R1520 Global router is Robustel’s latest addition to the popular R1520 series. The Global variant has been designed for companies that want a simple one size fits all for global 4G deployments. Traditionally, 4G routers have had to be supplied on a ‘per region’ basis due to cost and certification issues but the R1520 Global changes all that with global 4G (LTE) frequencies and a massive investment by Robustel in Global certifications.


Certifications include but are not limited to:
IC – Canada
CCC – China
IMDA – Singapore
NBTC – Thailand
KCC – Korea
CE – Europe
ICASA – South Africa
RCM – Australia & New Zealand
TRA – United Arab Emirates
Various carrier certifications pending + more…
(*In progress)

To fully understand the challenges and complexities of Global 4G deployments, please download Robustel’s extensive white-paper “Managing and Overcoming the challenges presented by Global 4G/LTE loT Deployements” — available here: https://www.robustel.com/white-paper/managing-and-overcoming-the-challenges-presented-by-global-4g-lte-iot-deployments/


  • Global 4G frequency coverage for all continents
  • Huge investment in Global certifications for all major countries
  • Free Cloud Management platform for easy global monitoring
  • 802.3at compliant POE interface for simple powering
  • E-mark certification for in vehicle use
  • Unique “Smart Roaming” capability for enhanced roaming SIM management
  • Support Dual SIMs & WIFI/Ethernet as WAN
  • RobustVPN – hosted service providing a “fixed IP” router
  • Wireguard/IPsec/OpenVPN/DMVPN supported