OnCell Central Manager

Centralized private IP software for large-scale OnCell device management

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective private IP solution
  • Manage, group, monitor, configure, and upgrade the firmware of all your devices from OnCell Central Manager
  • Visual overview of device status and flexible monitoring on various platforms
  • Grouping of user accounts and devices for effective access control



Looking for an easy way to access network devices with private IP addresses over the Internet? Moxa’s OnCell Central Manager supports using private IP addresses to lower your operational costs and reduce the time needed to set up a connection to your devices. Moxa’s OnCell Central Manager offers an industrial-grade centralized solution that allows you to configure, manage, and monitor remote devices on a private network, over the web.

Due to the limited availability of public IP addresses, most cellular service providers only offer private IP addresses for mobile devices to connect to the Internet. However, the nature of private IP addresses makes it extremely difficult to access your cellular devices from a public network. This is where OnCell Central Manager comes in. OnCell Central Manager stands between you and your cellular devices and allows you to access your devices from anywhere on the Internet.

By providing a central point of access to remote devices, OnCell Central Manager makes it easy for you to manage multiple devices. Using a standard web browser, you can securely make configuration changes to a device, manage devices, and monitor device status. OnCell Central Manager helps you reduce maintenance costs. Since you can diagnose and solve problems from a central site, you won’t need to make as many trips to remote locations. OnCell Central Manager can be hosted at a customer’s central data center or through a Moxa partner’s server, and can be accessed securely from anywhere across a wired or wireless IP network, including the Internet.

Easy Deployment

Private IP Solution

OnCell Central Manager provides a way to enable public domain access at no extra cost.

Remote Configuration and Firmware Upgrade

OnCell Central Manager can also remotely update firmware and supports mass device configurations, making the deployment of large numbers of devices quick and easy.

Port-Based Data Exchange

OnCell Central Manager provides data exchange capability between a remote center and field site by enabling exchange ports.

Firewall Friendly

OnCell Central Manager makes it easy for you to define all control ports and user ports, and change the ports if necessary.

Smooth Operation

Easy-to-Use Interface

Quick sorting and filtering of devices as well as device status visualization provide operators with an efficient and easy way to check device statuses.


Easy to Troubleshoot

Cross checking the system log and the RSSI history of a device provides further information for troubleshooting device issues.

Note: Install the latest OnCell firmware to ensure that your OnCell devices support the RSSI monitoring function. Firmware for all Moxa products can be downloaded from Moxa’s website.

Account Classification Management

OnCell Central Manager allows the administrator to assign different roles, give each account various access levels, and monitor the current status. Each account created can be assigned different access rights to the various groups.

SMS Remote Control

OnCell Central Manager uses a third-party cloud service to send SMS control commands to OnCell devices to remotely reboot, initiate data connections, and perform firmware upgrades.

Note: The Twilio SMS service only supports the OnCell G3150A-LTE.

Device Group Management

By using the flexible device grouping function, operators can organize OnCell devices into different groups for easy monitoring of device statuses for different applications.