460ECA – Deliver Data from an Ethernet/IP Adapter Device

Connects up to 32 EtherNet/IP Adapters with as many as 2 ASCII devices

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Deliver Data from an Ethernet/IP Adapter Device to an ASCII Based System or Controller
The 460ECA moves data between up to 32 EtherNet/IP Adapter devices and Serial ASCII. Its a great tool to implement EtherNet/IP devices into your PC or embedded applications that support raw ASCII data.

How Do I Use 460ECA-N34 in My Application?
Up to 494 bytes of data can be mapped to and from an EtherNet/IP Adapter device. The data segments can be converted to ASCII and concatenated into a string we deliver to your ASCII controller or logger. If you need to command the Ethernet/IP devices, an incoming ASCII string can be parsed and each segment can be directed to user defined IO data location.

Need to scale your data or manipulate it with other math functions? The 460ECA allows you to add scaling to any data, apply simple math operations, add alarming and control the request speeds of your Adapter devices.

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