EOTec 2000 System Series
Electrical Interface Modules (EIM)

The Electrical Interface Module (EIM) is connected to the copper communication link. The module receives signals from the copper link, conditions them and makes the signals available to the backplane for conversion. The EIM also accepts signals from the backplane and transmits the signals to the attached copper link. EIM part numbers always begin with 2C. It is important to select the correct EIM for the copper protocol being converted. For example, the 2C02 is the model which is compatible with GE Fanuc networks.

Optical Interface Modules (OIM)

The Optical Interface Module (OIM) is the heart of the EOTec 2000 fiber optic system. The module accepts signals from the backplane, converts them to optical signals and transmits the signals down the fiber optic cable. Conversely, the module receives optical signals, conditions the signals and makes the signals available to the backplane. OIM part numbers always start with 2E or 2D. For example, the 2E07 is a multi-mode, 850nm optical interface with ST type connectors.

Self-Healing Ring Modules (SHRM)

The use of fiber optic versus copper communications cable provides many advantages in industrial control applications. These include EMI/RFI immunity, the ability to easily run the cable through hazardous areas and long distance communications runs. Another important benefit is the ability to achieve media redundancy without incurring the cost of duplicate hardware systems.

By using the Ultra Electronics, NSPI Self-Healing Ring solution, a critical system can achieve uninterrupted communications, even in the event of a failure in the fiber optic communications lines.


Power Supply Modules (PSM)

Several EOTec 2000 power supplies are offered to conform to available power sources. Depending on the model selected, these modules will accept a DC or AC power input and provide DC voltage to any module engaged to its backplane connector. The power supply part numbers always begin with 2A. For example, the 2A08 is the DC power supply.