DL485-MB / DL485-MBR – Interface

The fiber optic systems DL485-MB / DL485-MBRtypo3/index.php?M=web_layout&moduleToken=0c4844c8e990abd380f17b359375f70b79019816&id=90# secure the optical data transfer within MODBUS networks up to a data speed of 115,2 KBit/s. Our special multifunctional fiber optic system allows the construction of optical ring structures.

The system of this series is especially suitable for applications with strict safety-related requirements for instance: process industry, tunnel ventilation systems, and railway technology.

LEDs and potential-free contacts of a fault detector relay are able to signal defective states.

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FiberView works similarly to a traffic light. If the “traffic light” is green, everything is fine. If the yellow LED lights, the budget is still tolerable, but already below a certain system reserve. Additionally to the LED, this pre-warning level is also signaled by a potential-free contact. If the “traffic light” turns red there is a serious error.