Compact Edge Computing Gateway – EG5101

Key Features of EG5101

– Highly stable 4G Cat 1 network connectivity

– High performance compute engine with 8 GB eMMC Flash for running complex customer applications

– Serial interfaces for connection to industrial/legacy devices

– Dual SIM card slots for redundant communications

– Wide Operating Temperature range for industrial applications

– Multiple VPN options for secure connectivity


The EG5101 Compact Edge Computing Gateway is a compact yet powerful solution for basic industrial automation and data pre-processing applications. Powered by the i.MX6 processor, it offers stable 4G Cat 1 network connectivity, serial interfaces, and the ability to replace both industrial PCs and cellular routers. With its rugged design and fully featured embedded model, the EG5101 is ideal for sectors such as solar power, water and wastewater, oil and gas, and factory automation.