460ECDFM – Connect EtherNet/IP devices to your Legacy PLCs

Easily connect EtherNet/IP devices to your Legacy PLCs.

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Connect EtherNet/IP Devices to Your Legacy PLC Data Tables
You can now make your legacy serial PLCs talk to EtherNet/IP Adapter devices! Any of your old, serial PLCs like the PLC5, SLC, or MicroLogix can now read and write cyclic data from EtherNet/IP devices. It’s the perfect tool to keep those old legacy PLCs from the scrap pile.

How Do I Use the 460ECDFM in My Application?
For most applications, the mapping is very straightforward. PLC data table values (Files like N7:200 and F9:1) are mapped directly into the Input and Output assemblies of the mating EtherNet/IP device connections. It really is that simple.

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