Automation Software - OPC Server UA/DA Suite
Cohesive, secure, reliable connection between device, database, and SCADA

  • First OPC UA server for industrial automation supporting bothpush and pull communication
  • One-click active tag creation
  • Efficient database uploads
  • Automatic data updates from SD cards following network failures 
  • Simple and easy viewing of tag values and UA server status
  • OPC UA: The next generation of interoperability, reliability, and security

Ready-to-run data gateway between remote devices and databases

  • Convert field data to ODBC compliant databases
  • Convert field data to Excel or Access spreadsheets
  • Flexible dataset configuration for connecting to multiple remote devices
  • Embedded trend charts for historical analysis

Active OPC Server
Active OPC Server

  • Active OPC Server Lite is a software package provided by Moxa that operates as an OPC driver for an HMI or SCADA system. It offers seamless connection from Moxa's ioLogik series products to SCADA systems, such as Wonderware, Citect, and iFix. Active OPC Server Lite meets the latest standard of OPC DA 3.0, which allows connections to various kinds of devices and host OPC machines.