RCore Software
Smart Recovery - New
A block-level OS backup and recovery system
Smart Recovery
  • Smart Recovery is one of Moxa’s most recent software innovations, an OS backup and recovery system implemented at the BIOS level, giving the computing system strong protections against software corruption that can cause system slowdowns, instability, or operating system crashes. Smart Recovery improves system dependability and significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with the software corruptions that inevitably emerge as a platform ages.

Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework
Get Faster Time-to-Market with Our Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework
Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework

  • Multiple WAN support and backup
  • Intelligent policy settings for automatic best WAN selection
  • Open and customizable application software for easy integration

Moxa Device Manager
Unbounded management for Moxa embedded computers

  • Moxa Device Manager (MDM for short) is an easy-to-use remote management tool for managing Moxa's ready-to-run embedded computers on the Internet. Moxa's embedded computers make excellent front-end computers at remote sites for onsite data collection and industrial control applications. Simply put, MDM makes it easy for system administrators to manage remote computers.

Moxa Device Manager Application Interface (available free)

  • The MDM API provides developers with a framework to write code to manage Moxa embedded computers remotely
  • The MDM API can be integrated with users' applications
  • The MDM API provides a 3-tier system architecture to support Internet access
  • MDM Agent functions created with the MDM API are dynamically linked and loaded to provide the functions dynamically

Mass Configuration Tool
A time-saving tool that helps users simultaneously deploy many tasks to Moxa's embedded computers (available free)
Mass Configuration Tool

  • Fast and simple initial configuration (under 15 minutes)
  • Power on then DONE
  • Management reports available