Improving Solar Energy Efficiency With Artificial Intelligence

Many solar power plants pay significant attention to their operation and maintenance (O&M) mechanism. The companies often experience bottlenecks

around personnel and interruptions to operations.

Moxa and thingnario combined their technological advantages to jointly promote the first intelligent solar energy monitoring system “Photon”.

The main benefit of this solution is that it uses durable industrial-grade devices and artificial intelligence (AI) to greatly improve solar

power efficiency in challenging outdoor environments.


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PT-G7828 series

moxa pt g7828 series image 1 1

IEC 61850-3 28-port Layer 3 full gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches   


The PT-G7828 modular switches provide up to 28 Gigabit ports, including 4 fixed ports, 6 interface module slots, and 2 power module slots to ensure sufficient flexibility for a variety of applications. The PT-G7828 Series is designed to meet evolving network requirements, including a hot-swappable module design that enables you to change or add devices without shutting down your device.

The multiple Ethernet modules (RJ45, SFP, and PoE) and power units (24/48 VDC, 110/220 VAC/VDC) provide even greater flexibility as well as suitability for different operating conditions. The switches support a full Gigabit platform that provides enough bandwidth to set up an Ethernet backbone. Certifications include IEC 61850 Edition 2 Class 2 to ensure high availability and wide usage.



AWK-1137C series

moxa awk 1137c series image 1 1


Industrial 802. 11a/b/g/n wireless client


The AWK-1137C is an ideal client solution for industrial wireless mobile applications. It enables WLAN connections for both Ethernet and serial devices, and is compliant with industrial standards and approvals covering operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD, and vibration. The AWK-1137C can operate on either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands, and is backwards-compatible with existing 802.11a/b/g deployments to future-proof your wireless investments.



NPORT IA5000 series

 moxa nport ia5000 series image 1 1

1 and 2-port serial device servers for industrial automation


NPort IA5000 device servers provide easy and reliable serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for industrial automation applications. The device servers can connect any serial device to an Ethernet network, and to ensure compatibility with network software, they support a variety of port operation modes, including TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP. The rock-solid reliability of the NPort IA5000 device servers makes them an ideal choice for establishing network access to RS-232/422/485 serial devices such as PLCs, sensors, meters, motors, drives, barcode readers, and operator displays. All models are housed in a compact, rugged housing that is DIN-rail mountable.



iologik e1200 series

moxa iologik e1200 series image 1 1

Ethernet remote I/O with 2-port Ethernet switch


The ioLogik E1200 Series supports the most often-used protocols for retrieving I/O data, making it capable of handling a wide variety of applications. Most IT engineers use SNMP or RESTful API protocols, but OT engineers are more familiar with OT-based protocols, such as Modbus and EtherNet/IP. Moxa's Smart I/O makes it possible for both IT and OT engineers to conveniently retrieve data from the same I/O device. The ioLogik E1200 Series speaks six different protocols, including Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, and Moxa AOPC for OT engineers, as well as SNMP, RESTful API, and Moxa MXIO library for IT engineers. The ioLogik E1200 retrieves I/O data and converts the data to any of these protocols at the same time, allowing you to get your applications connected easily and effortlessly.



Eds-510e series

moxa eds 510e series image 1 1

7+3G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches


The EDS-510E Gigabit managed Ethernet switches are designed to meet rigorous mission-critical applications, such as factory automation, ITS, and process control. The 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports allow great flexibility to build up a Gigabit redundant Turbo Ring and a Gigabit uplink. The switches have USB interfaces for switch configuration, system file backup, and firmware upgrade, making them easier to manage.


ioThunx 4510 Series

Advanced modular remote I/O adapter with built-in serial ports

moxa iothinx 4510 series image 1         
           UC-8410A Series

Arm-based wireless-enabled wall-mount industrial computer with 8 serial ports, 3 LAN ports, and 4 DI/DO

 moxa uc 8410a series image 1 1                 
             Mgate 5114 Series

1-port Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP/IEC 101-to-IEC 104 gateways