The IBH Link IoT requires a 12 - 36V DC power supply. Higher voltages may destroy the device. Pay attention to polarity.

IBH Link UA 24V.png

Power supply: 24VDC / 0,2A

Configuration of the IP addresses

The administration can be made with a recent web browser over the Ethernet port 1 by using the host name http://ibhlink-iot_<serial number> (f.i. http://ibhlink-iot_000161)

or over the ports 2-4 by entering the default IP Address

On the PC the IBHNet-Iot driver is required. The Driver is available free of charge.

IBH Link IoT Ports eng.png

Default IP Address configuration:

Management level Port 1 Host name: ibhlink-iot_<serial number>
Control level Port 2 - 4

Default Login:



IBH Link IoT Login.png

Network: Management Level

Network configuration for Port 1 (Management level respectively Supervision Level):

IBH Link IoT Management Level.png

Network: Control Level

Network configuration for Port 2 - 4 (Control Level respectively Machine Level):

IBH Link IoT Controlt Level.png

Assigment Token

After logging into the TeamViewer IoT Management Console the Assigment Token can be copied:

IBH Link IoT TW Assigment token Menue.png

IBH Link IoT TW Assigment token Copy.png

The token must be copied into the 'Assigment Token field and assigned:

IBH Link IoT TW Assigment token Assign.png

IBH Net IoT Tray

The required IBH Link IoT driver is available free of charge on our homepage: IBH Link IoT Driver

IBH Link IoT Start Menue Eng.png



With the menu item Agents the TeamViewer connections to the IBH Link IoT can be created:

IBH Link IoT Tray Agents Eng.png

The display name can be freely chosen. The TeamViewer ID to be used for each device can be seen in the web interface:

IBH Link IoT Short Cuts.png


Connection setup

Via the IBH Link IoT Tray the connection can now be established:

IBH Link IoT Tray Connect.png

IBH Link IoT Connection.png

After successful connection establishment, the IBH Link IoT appears as WireGuard tunnel in the Network Adapters:


From now on, all controls that are connected via the control level of the IBH Link IoT are accessible via TeamViewer.