About Us


Established in 1997, RJ Programmable Techniques was formed to act as a one-stop automation house

specialising in total plant automation engineering solutions from plant floor to database applications utilising PLC's, SCADA and HMI. Over the lifetime of the Company, RJ Programmable Techniques has implemented various automation platforms and has gained extreme knowledge in many different disciplines. Their experiences include Mitsubishi, Modicon, Rockwell, Omron, Siemens, LS and Toshiba PLC's, to name a few. They have also done some extensive development on Adroit, Wonderware and Factorylink SCADA. They have worked extensively in various vertical markets namely; motor, water and waste water, transportation, mining industries and power utilities. They have built relationships with a number of Blue Chip companies who have supported them over the last sixteen years.

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Through their partnership with and distribution of Moxa industrial communication products, RJ Programmable Techniques evolved to become a leader in the supply and support of industrial communication equipment, industrial redundant Ethernet, fibre-optic converters, data networking products, serial to Ethernet device servers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Over the past eight years, RJ Programmable Techniques has become a specialist in industrial communications and in 2012, in order to better reflect their market position commitment to innovation and modernisation, the Company officially changed its name to RJ Connect.


RJ Connect  secured the Moxa distributorship in 1999 and has achieved the target year to year growth with Moxa in Africa.

In addition to the Moxa distributorship, RJ Connect also represents RPC Connect, EKS (fibre optic systems), IBH Softec (PLC software and gateway technology), M2I (HMI systems), Innodisk (industrial solid state storage) and Robustel.


RJ Connect believes in customer education and training, in order to keep both themselves and their customers abreast with ever changing developments in their market. They have a very aggressive training regime for their staff and offer comprehensive and professional technical training in industrial communication systems to their customers. They offer three courses in Industrial Ethernet Training: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

RJ Connect is MTSC certified and provides MTSC (Moxa Technical Support Certification) training to their distributors and resellers. This course is based on stringent parameters set out by Moxa.
The requirement to achieve certification is 70% and is only valid for one calendar year. This ensures that their distributors and resellers are kept up to date with the latest technologies offered by Moxa.


Markets using RJ Connect's edge-to-core Industrial communication solutions


1.Intelligent Transport Solutions          2. Smart Rail             3. Mining            4.Power              5.Surveillance        6.Water Utilities       7.Manufacturing