S5 Interfaces
IBH Link S5++

Cost-efficient alternative solution for conventional PLC-PC-connections via Ethernet
If a PLC has to be connected via Ethernet with a PC, usually a CP communication processor needs to be applied to the PLCs rack.
Due to the increasing integration in automation technology, more than ever a connection from a PLC to a PC is required. In general, the communication processors (e.g. CPs from Siemens, or Ethernet components from other manufacturers) are used for the connection to the PLC.
As an alternative solution, IBHsoftec has recently introduced the IBHLink S5++ for connecting a PLC with a PC. The IBHLink S5++ is a compact and robust Ethernet-converter within a 15-pin Sub-D-hosuing for a connection via a switch, a hub or even directly to a PC with a common network adaptor.


IBH USB-S5-Adapter

Interfaces the PC USB Port with the 15 pin AS511 Interface port of the PLC. The 15 pin connector housing is made from solid metal and contains the complete electronics. The USB-S5 Current Loop Converter takes it's power supply from the USB port of the PC.
It is an active cable, no power supply from the PLCs programming port is required. A Constant Current apdater is not needed for this reason. The USB-S5 Current Loop Converter can be used with S5 for Windows®, the IBH OPC Server and Step®5 (Drivers for Windows 98(SE), 2000 and XP are included )


PC-S5-Current Loop Converter

The SMD electronics are located in a solid metal 15 pin Sub D connector shell. The pin assignment fits the following Simatic® PLC’s: U90, U95, U100, U101, U115, U135, and U155. The PLC must be active and needs to supply the the loop current (2 x 20mA). The 9 pin Sub D connector is plugged into the serial port (COM1 COM4) of the PC.


Constant Current Adaptor for the PC-S5-Current Loop Converter

For PLCs, that are not supplying the loop current (2 x 20mA), the Constant Current Adaptor is required to establish a connection. Two constant current (20mA) sources are located in the solid metal 15 pin Sub. D connector shell to supply the loop current. The adapter is delivered with a AC / DC adaptor. The pin assignment matches the pin assignment of the PC-S5-Current Loop Converter.