E1/T1 Concentrator Rack
Managed G.703 E1 CSU/DSU Concentrator

The ERM01 is a 4U 19(23)" concentrator rack type E1 DSU/CSU for Fractional and Unframed G.703 E1 Access for central office installations.

Network Management Card

This single slot card is installed in the last slot of the chassis, just before the power modules. The card has an RS-232 serial port on a DB9 female connector for connection of any standard dumb terminal for an easy menu driven configuration.

ERM01-E1 CSU/ DSU Slide-in Card
ERM01-E1 CSU/ DSU Slide-in Card

E1 CSU/ DSU Slide-in card is a single slot card that can be installed in any available slot to provide IP over E1 transmission.

4U 13 Slot Managed T1(DS1) Concentrator

The TRM01 is a 4U 19(23)" rack type T1 DSU/CSU for unframed T1 and Fractional T1 Digital Access which is nested in a hub to provide solutions for central office installations.